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Born in Keszthely, Hungary in 1943.

She won a National Drawing Competitionat age 15. While in High school, she drew illustrative pictures for the University of Agriculture Sciences. Even today, she continues preparing maps and diagrams for lectures. Her op-art maps became very popular teaching tools.

Married in 1970, she moved to Kaposvar and enrolled in the Designer School of the University Kaposvar. After graduation, her map-making skills came handy when she was employed with the National Highway Agency.

She lived in Africa between 1978-80, following her pediatrician husband. She was overwhelmed with the new landscapes and unusual lights. She started to photograph and paint in oil, discovering her true medium. Zsuzsanna came back to Hungary with a beautiful set of landscapes and still lifes. She submitted some to various local and national competitions, winning 1st price in a prestigious miniature exhibition in Kaposvar.

She has four daughters, one is a budding abstract painter. Zsuzsanna, now an independent artist, gives private art classes, watches her grandchildren grow and devotes most of her time to painting.


Little Church




Going Home


Lake Balaton


Gypsy Cottages