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Silvia Pinto Souza is an artist with a true international flavor. Born in Colombia, she was educated in various schools of Art and Design in Colombia, England and Brazil. Silvia is a world traveler, has residence in Rio de Janeiro and Houston. She lived briefly in Blacksburg, where her husband, Marco Souza was a visiting professor in the School of Engineering. Silvia Pinto Souza won many international and national awards. Her stile ranges from figurative to abstract. Mosaic stillifes are her inventions, they are unusual and beautiful.

"I paint basically from personal experience, from images, colors and shapes that have impressed me the most. In other words, purely visual stimulation which I feel impelled to express and materialize on the canvas.
You could call it "painting for the absolute sake of painting", simply the sheer urge of aesthetic expression: Art for the sake of art!"



Red Lily


White Town





Roofs of the North (France)


Roofs of the South (France)