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Mr. Lawrence is a retired University Professor. He has been interested in non-objective painting and sculpture since his early childhood. The artists of the early 20th century and in particular the Suprematist Movement have had a great influence on his work. Some say that this Movement was the foundation of the modernist culture that followed. Malvich and other artists of the period such as Lissitzky, Rodchenko, Moholy- Nagy, and others began to explore non-objective art as a way of expressing ideas of the times. They used fundamental shapes of the Circle and Square as foundation elements of their art. Mr. Lawrence’s painting and sculpture uses these same fundamental shapes to explore the visual ideas of Transparency and Motion. His “Circles of Life” wall sculptures and his “Transparency” series of paintings represent some of his latest works.



Transparency #17


Transparency #21


Circles of Light #1

Circles of Light #13


Transparency #15

Transparency #19